Operator support


To call Customer Care, dial 100 on your Vodacom phone.


What is the advantage of the Vodacom Appstore service?

You get these unique advantages:

- 1 day free promotional period for the first activation (for the recurring subscription only)

- Unlimited app downloads

- Access to an extensive catalog of high quality games and apps

- Cost of sevice is only 99 TSh/day (recurring), making it extremely affordable; for other services you often pay more than that per game!

How can I activate the Vodacom Appstore service?

Just visit and select an app with a plus symbol (+) next to the price. A page explaining service conditions will display. Click "Subscribe".

How frequently are games and apps in the catalog updated?

Apps and games in the Featured category are updated every Wednesday. Our content managers manually select the best for you.

Can I download apps via Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can. This allows you to download apps fast. First, go to and connect to the internet via Vodacom Tanzania and activate your subscription. Then switch to Wi-Fi and log on to again using the same mobile browser. From then on, whenever you switch to Wi-Fi, your subscription can be identified so you can download apps.

How do I pay for the service?

If you connected to the recurring subscription at 99 TSh/day, the day after your 1-day free promotional period ends, your mobile account is charged 99 TSh/day (recurring). Upon each successful transaction, you are given access to the service for the following week. 

What does the button marked "[price & currency +]" next to an app mean?

The plus symbol (+) indicates a premium app that can only be downloaded when the Vodacom Appstore service is activated.

How can I disable the service?

There are two ways:

1. Send an SMS with the text ""STOP"" to 15363.

2. Go to and click ""Account"" at the bottom of the page. Click "Unsubscribe""."

Can I use the service from a PC or laptop?

No, the service is designed for mobile devices only. To download apps, visit from a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.