Terms & Conditions

Terms of the Vodacom Appstore Service Use

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the service at http://appstore.vodacom.co.tz according to the subscription scheme, which is provided to Vodacom subscribers using the Vodacom network (hereinafter, the "Service").

1. Service subscribing and unsubscribing:

  • A) Activating the Service: Confirm activation at http://appstore.vodacom.co.tz or by sending an SMS with START to 15363. With the first activation, there is a trial period of 1 day at no charge if you're activating recurring subscription at 99 TSh per day.

When reconnecting to the service the promotional trial is not offered again.

To cancel the service, send an SMS with the word "STOP" to 15363, or unsubscribe at http://appstore.vodacom.co.tz via your Account.

2. Rates

Payment type: 99 TSh/day (recurring)

SMS to 15363: Free of charge

First 1 day access to the service: free of charge (only for the recurring payment type)

2.1 If the subscriber's account is successfully charged for the service fee for 1 day, the subscriber is provided access to the store to download content for 1 day from the payment date.

3. Conditions of downloading content when using the Service:

Content can only be downloaded by Vodacom Tanzania customers. Standard apps showing "[price & currency]" without a plus symbol (+) can be downloaded without a subscription. Premium apps showing "[price & currency +]" with the plus (+) symbol can only be downloaded by service subscribers.

4. Conditions for providing information to Service users:

During Service activation, the subscriber consents to receiving text messages from new services. Text messages are sent from [short phone number provisioned by operator] which does not incur any charges.

ES: Almost all carriers need to get consent from user that he’s agrees to receive SMS-notifications from additional service. So this one is required by carriers and means that when user subscribes he agrees to receive notifications from service.